Straw Bale House 

Client: Private 
Project duration: ongoing

Straw Bale House is an ongoing pilot project and a cross-cultural collaboration with swiss sustainable construction expert Catherine Jelk. Straw bale houses have a history of 100 years in the USA, but have only been built in a few occasions in Sweden. Advantages of straw-bale construction over conventional building systems include the renewable nature of straw, cost, easy availability, naturally fire-retardant and high insulation value.

The aim is to develop a concept house with straw bale walls, lime render outside and clay plaster inside. The house has a structural timberframe and the straw bales are used in between the frames for isolation. The interior walls are plastered with clay plaster, which is less toxic and energy intensive than many other wall claddings and provides a nice indoor climate. The storage walls and the roof are going to be clad with wood.